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Cardiac Rehabilitation


A program of Cardiac Rehabilitation for the Western Carolinas and Northern Georgia.

The Mission
The mission of Franklin Cardiac Rehabilitation program is to provide the personnel, programs and facilities that will enable the participants to recover from their cardiac event. The program will help members to reach their full potential as productive, active, and healthy human beings.

The Facilities
The program is located within Franklin Health and Fitness Center. The center is a modern fitness facility located at 1214 East Main Street in Franklin, North Carolina. The program is staffed by physicians, a registered nurse, an exercise physiologist, registered dietician, exercise leader, psychological counselor and vocational rehabilitation specialist. The center is equipped with a variety of stationary aerobic exercise machines, resistance equipment and group aerobic activities.

The Components
Exercise: Each participant is given a maximal stress test. This is the basis of a specific aerobic exercise prescription. Stress tests are repeated at three month intervals to evaluate progress. Exercise prescriptions are carried out at group exercise sessions. Each session is closely monitored by a physician and our staff. High risk patients may have continuous ECG monitoring while exercising.

Nutritional: The foods we eat can have a dramatic impact on our risk for developing coronary artery disease. Many Americans poison themselves without realizing it by eating high fat, high cholesterol foods. In the program, each participant will have a complete evaluation of their diet and then instruction in proper nutrition. We can still enjoy delicious foods that are low in fat and high in fiber that will help reduce the development of coronary disease. Many will also be able to loose unwanted extra weight naturally by eating a healthy, good tasting low fat diet.

Psychological: Behaviors that have been associated with coronary risk are thought to stem from how one adapts to his or her environment and the stress that results. Individuals are evaluated for characteristics that leave one prone to stress. The education plan focuses on teaching participants how to recognize stressful situations and to develop appropriate coping and avoidance responses.

Education: Education is the key to making lasting lifestyle changes. A variety of topics are presented through mini-lessons, individual counseling, one-on-one interaction with the staff and social interaction with other participants.

The Program
The Franklin Cardiac Rehabilitation Program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at the Franklin Health and Fitness Center. The exercise prescription includes warm-up, 30 minutes of aerobic activity, and cool down. In addition, resistance training is added where appropriate. Stress management sessions are conducted weekly with other educational topics presented on a regular basis. Each class is one hour.

The Cost
Most comprehensive health insurance policies will cover various costs of the cardiac rehabilitation program; however, the level of coverage will vary with each policy. Additionally, some program costs may be covered by the North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Services for those who qualify. We also accept assignment for any Medicare patients.

Rehabilitation: Your Choice, Your Future
Studies show that by making needed lifestyle changes including changes in nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional states, coronary artery disease may actually be reversed. Restoration of confidence and a return to many normal activities through improved functional work capacity is a reality for most participants. Individuals will also find a caring environment with others facing similar challenges.

For more information, Contact:
Edwin L. Morris, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director

Tom Forkner, MA, FAACVPR
Program Director
Diane Higgins, RN, BS
Program Nurse
(828) 369-5608


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