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Aerobics Room Schedule  

Indoor Cycling*Indoor Cycling & Conditioning: Stationary bicycles ridden in a group routine set to music, followed by upper body strengthening and flexibility training. Fun, challenging and a great workout for all ages and levels of fitness. A great calorie burner!

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab: A program for patients with heart or pulmonary disease. Rehab members will have priority on Nautilus and all cardiovascular equipment during these times.

Interval/STEP: 40 minutes of STEP and/or aerobics in 2-4 minute intervals with 1-minute circuit workouts with weights and bands.

Body Mix: A blend of strength training and a variety of low impact cardio (aerobic) exercise ending with yoga stretches.

Fit For Life: An aerobics class designed especially for seniors, with low-intensity aerobics and conditioning exercises.

STEP: 40 minutes of bench aerobics and 20 minutes of conditioning exercise; a versatile class for men or women, all ages and levels of fitness. For high-intensity, low-impact exercise, try this challenging class.

Pilates: A session designed to condition the entire body focusing on the core muscles - the body's center.

STEP & Muscle: Challenging class combining steps and resistance training with hand weights. Varying levels of fitness can be accomplished by changing step height and weights (non-complex movements).

Karate: Japanese art of self-defense, a system to expand our enjoyment of life by building strong and flexible bodies, minds and spirits. The sensei (leader) is certified to instruct and promote to the rank of black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Reach and Relax: A class of stretching and relaxation for the entire body.

Express Yoga: Total body stretching and strengthening, yoga style. A great way to finish the work week!

YogaTai Chi: Ancient art of calming, gentle exercises. Strengthens and stretches the body and relieves stress for the mind. Especially good for seniors and anyone with osteoporosis.

Yoga: Traditional style Yoga. Stress relieving yet challenging exercises as well as stretching and relaxation training for all abilities.

Instructors: Jane Brown, Tom Brown, Tracy Burt, Cathy Long, Cindy MacNair, Elizabeth Rosenbaum, Jennifer Swofford, Jennifer Wilkinson, Abby Buenting, Terry DeVane, Jamie Rold, Carol Shelton, Marie Wilson, Cathy Edmonds, Adrianne Harrison, Seana Vernelson, Sandra Gravit (Karate); Jerry Cain (Tai Chi).

* Pre-registration required due to limited space


Swimming Pool Schedule  

Lap SwimAdult Swim: All pool lanes available for adults and lap swimmers, 18 and over. No one under 18 allowed in pool or whirlpool.

Lifeguard Swim: Lifeguard supervised recreational swim for all ages. At least one lane available for lap swimming.

Recreational Swim: Open swim for families or lap swimmers. No lifeguard on duty. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult or written permission from a guardian. Forms are available at the front desk. Recreational Swim remains open during swim lessons.

Hydrobics: Exercise class held in the shallow end of pool. Free to Silver and Gold members, $2 per class for Bronze members. Please, no lap swimming during hydrobics.

Private Swim Lessons: Available by appointment. Cindy MacNair, Red Cross certified instructor.

Therapeutic Needs A lane will always be available for lap swimmers with the exception of Waterwalking and Hydrobics. Please do not turn on whirlpool jets during Hydrobics. The class cannot hear the instructor. For safety reasons, we request no pool floats.


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